5 Health Benefits of Garcia Skin MANGOSTEEN

5 Health Benefits of Garcia Skin MangosteenMangosteen is one of the exotic fruits you’ll only find in Indonesia and Thailand. This fruit has an unusual, unique look; the same can be said about its properties. There have been made many studies about the potential health benefits of mangosteens, and the results are quite shocking. Although no single plant is the solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases, some veggies are healthier than others.

As any other soft topical fruit, mangosteens are hard to store and transport. That’s the reason why many people purchase capsules with powder of this fruit’s skin. Mangosteens have many benefits and every person deserves to enjoy them. Here are the top ones:

1. Antioxidants
Mangosteens are rich in antioxidants. Why is this important? Our bodies constantly produce free radicals, which can potentially cause severe damage to our cells. Free radicals are formed by the oxygen that comes to the body with every breath we take. Once originated, they start to corrupt and destroy our protein cells, including DNA chains. An excessive amount of free radicals is called “oxidative stress”. Only antioxidants can prevent oxidative stress to happen; that’s the reason why any doctor would recommend you to consume food with high amounts of antioxidants. Mangosteen is one of the fruits that have the biggest amount of that vital microelement.

2. Cholangiocarcinoma and Leukemia Prevention
Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases of the 21st century. There are many talks about cancer-preventing foods, but sadly, most of those recommendations lack of scientific evidence. On the other hand, Mangosteen is scientifically proved to be one of the legitimate cancer-preventing foods. The reason is simple; Mangosteen is rich in Xanthone, a powerful antioxidant substance that was discovered in 1855 by German scientists. In fact, xanthones are rarely found in other fruits. Studies shown that xanthone is primarily effective against cholangiocarcinoma and leukemia, although it helps with other forms of cancer as well.

3. Vitamin E source
As any other microelements, vitamin E is vital for our body. Although vitamin-E deficiency is rare in healthy adults, people who have fat-malabsorption need to consume greater amounts of that vitamine. Also, since the vitamine-E that comes in mangosteens is water-soluble, it might be useful for those with Crohn’s disease. Vitamin-E deficiency symptoms include retinopathy, skeletal myopathy, ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, and impairment of the immune response. Hence, adding mangosteen to your diet will help you to prevent those diseases, and also boost your immune system and muscle tension.

4. Reduce Inflammation
Studies shown that either drinking mangosteen juice or taking capsules every day reduces all kinds of inflammations. That’s one of the reasons why this fruit helps to prevent diabetes and heart diseases.

5. Vitamin C and B Source
Mangosteen is a rich source of Vitamin C and six of the nine Vitamin-B molecules. Vitamin C is essential for a good immune system, while Vitamin B also boosts your mood and overall level of energy. Although mangosteen cannot be considered as a full multivitamin supplement, it will greatly contribute to your daily vitamin intake.
As a natural source of vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy microelements, mangosteen will definitively improve your health once you add it to your diet. A healthy diet, combined with exercising, will bring many positive results on the long run. Nevertheless, it’s also important to keep in touch with your doctor. Avoid using food supplements as an attempt to cure diseases on your own.

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